Our Capabilities

Expertise, Innovation, and Unmatched Training for Elite Forces and Government Agencies.

Enterprise Training

Our elite training solutions provide an unprecedented level of operational excellence. With a team comprising former Special Operations Forces members and business executives, we develop and execute doctorate-level training programs. From immersive scenarios to pre-deployment evaluations and advanced skills training, our comprehensive approach ensures the highest tier of quality for the Special Operations Forces, Department of Defense, and Interagency communities.


Live, Virtual and Constructive Support

F3EA incorporates live, virtual, and constructive elements into a single environment to leverage the best of each domain to minimize logistics and maximize training effectiveness.

Defense Systems Development

F3EA’s Defense Systems Development (DSD) section holds the unique capabilities of advanced rapid prototyping, site construction, pyrotechnics/battlefield effects employment, training/mock-up laboratory setup, unmanned ground and aerial vehicle (Part 107 certified) operations, as well as day & night full motion video capture capabilities.

Logistical Support

Our global logistics and material support system is designed to maximize quality and delivery for each customer. With in-house tactical equipment, weapons, vehicles, and aircraft, we provide unmatched training services across the United States and abroad. Our ITAR registered manufacturer and exporter status, along with Federal Firearms and Explosive Licenses, enable us to offer mission-critical material support with complete compliance and efficiency.

Mission Support

F3EA offers tailored mission support services that encompass a wide array of specialized operations. Whether it’s SOF personnel recruiting, joint readiness exercises, cyberspace operations, or global logistics support, our dedicated teams ensure optimal success for your mission. Our extensive background in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines allows us to apply cross-functional and multi-national best practices for unparalleled effectiveness.


Aviation Solutions

F3EA’s Aviation Solutions offer cutting-edge Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance capabilities. Our highly modified aircraft, equipped with advanced technology, provide full-motion video, satellite communication, and video downlink. With seasoned pilots and sensor operators, we deliver services ranging from Surveillance Support Operations to Search and Rescue, Simulated Close Air Support, and more, all tailored to meet specific needs with safety, efficiency, and innovation.

Commercial Services

Secure your digital future with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, offering robust protections against threats, proactive risk management, and peace of mind for your business.



In the complex world of digital warface, F3EA’s Cyber Operations and SI/EW offerings stand out for their excellence. Our 14 SI/EW Subject Matter Experts provide specialized training, research & development, full mission profile exercises, and more. Our Cyber Support encompasses everything from Cyberspace Operations planning to Vulnerability Assessments, Offensive Cyber Training, and Trade Craft Development. Weare committed to advancing the tactical edge in the digital realm.

Delivering Success: What Our Clients Say


“I was on the initial response to the downed Apache in Afghanistan last year and I had flashbacks tonight. The terrain you guys put it in and the cockpit with those pinned patients, that was near to exactly how it was for real”

58th RQS GA Team member (PJ)


“Most companies who train us come in and just tell us that we are great and the best unit ever. That’s not what we want. Your team came in highlighted our proficiency gaps and provided us real time solutions and recommendations to make us a better unit. I am a true believer in your training.”



“It worked well, I appreciate you making us think and providing something other than regular scenarios.”

TACP Detachment CDR

522nd OSS RP Support


"Real world application discussions prepared us for what we might see on our next deployment"

CTMC Student

CTMC Range Phase


“The vertical wind tunnel program of instruction (10 hours) and progression of training conducted with F3EA instruction was superb.”


B. Co, 3rd BN, 2nd SFG(A) Troop Commander


“I didn’t expect it to be so realistic. Your team goes above and beyond...every time.”

3/75 Ranger Regiment Team Member

3/75th Ranger Regiment Platoon Sergeant

Proven Quality: Our Certifications and Accreditations

F3EA’s commitment to quality and excellence is demonstrated by an impressive array of certifications and accreditations, adhering to the highest standards in every aspect of operations.

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