About F3EA

Expertise, Innovation, and Unmatched Training for Elite Forces and Government Agencies.

Our Mission

F3EA represents excellence, quality, and innovation in the field of training and operational solutions. Trusted by the Special Operations Forces and Intelligence communities, we stand as a beacon of professionalism and expertise. Forging a safer and more secure world, our core purpose is to deliver high-quality solutions to the U.S. Government and allies.

Our Global Presence

With operational sites throughout the U.S., Japan, and Hawaii, our global reach and Federal Licenses enable us to provide timely and effective solutions worldwide. From elite training to logistical support, F3EA’s unmatched quality and cross-functional approach extend across borders, making us a trusted partner in defense and security.


Years of Excellence

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Trained Personnel

Technology & Innovation

At the forefront of technological innovation, F3EA creates dynamic scenarios and immersive experiences, equipping our clients with the latest tools and methodologies. From specialized cyber training to advanced electronic warfare support, we leverage cutting-edge technology to transform approaches to mission readiness and execution.