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Our Capabilities


Enterprise Training

Full-suite exercise design, build, planning, and execution for Special Operations, conventional forces, interagency community, and partner nations. Unmatched realism in training exercises.


Live, Virtual and Constructive Support

F3EA incorporates live, virtual and constructive elements into a single environment lo leverage the best of each domain to minimize logistics and maximize training affectiveness


Defense Systems Development

F3EA’s Defense Systems Development (DSD) section holds the unique capabilities of advanced rapid prototyping, site construction, pyrotechnics/battlefield effects employment, training/mock-up laboratory setup, unmanned ground and aerial vehicle (Part 107 certified) operations, as well as day & night full motion video capture capabilities.


Logistical Support

Global logistic solutions and support personnel with deep experience in material and equipment identification, sourcing, ordering, tracking, and expediting, Research and Development, using both legacy and modern solutions.


Mission Support

Worldwide mission support services which are proven to be agile and scalable with immediate access to high quality, modern, combat equipment and cleared role players. Mission support equipment is available for lease to select clients.


Aviation Solutions

Comprehensive single and multi-engine Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance solutions through in-house highly modified aircraft and integrated suite of technology.


Commercial Services

F3EA’s military Veteran Pentesters provide real world operational expertise, disciplined problem-solving skills, and a strong sense of integrity to identify and mitigate potential security threats to organizational networks.



Specialty cyber security assessments and readiness. Expertise in the development, planning and execution of offensive cyberspace operations in support of national objectives and corporate clientele.

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F3EA Guidance Principles: Every Day is an Assessment

Find. Fix. Finish. Exploit. Analyze*


Strategic alignment with client goals is at the core of F3EA. Delivering top-tier training and service solutions, our mission is to enhance capabilities through targeted opportunities and expert support.


Tackling challenges with quality and excellence, F3EA offers innovative solutions such as Mission Support Services. Our vision of leadership in defense and security ensures the precise execution needed to overcome complex challenges.


Commitment to perfection drives F3EA's approach to every task. Through Enterprise Training Solutions and unique scenarios, we ensure the successful completion of operations with unparalleled distinction.


Maximizing opportunities through innovation and expertise is a hallmark of F3EA. Our advanced skills training and state-of-the-art equipment empower clients to fully exploit technological advancements and service opportunities.


Dedicated to continuous improvement, F3EA emphasizes thorough analysis across all operations. From delivering quality solutions to leading in defense and security, our focus on immersive training and global logistics reflects an unwavering commitment to enhancement.

Delivering Success: What Our Clients Say


“Most companies who train us come in and just tell us that we are great and the best unit ever. That’s not what we want. Your team came in highlighted our proficiency gaps and provided us real time solutions and recommendations to make us a better unit. I am a true believer in your training.”

38th RQS DOO

Operation Rocky Pulse


“When we deploy to Africa, we will be more combat ready from the lessons learned here.”

58ht RQS Operations Officer

RQS Validation Exercise Rugged Pulse


“It worked well, I appreciate you making us think and providing something other than regular scenarios.”

TACP Detachment CDR

522nd OSS RP Support


"Real world application discussions prepared us for what we might see on our next deployment"

CTMC Student

CTMC Range Phase


“Thank you for this equipment and service. This equipment will greatly improve our ability to train our Soldiers for their mission”

KKPTC Commander

Africa Logistics


“I have been evaluating this (role player support) one way or another for 8 years and F3EA is the best I have seen from start to finish.”




F3EA’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our extensive range of certifications and accreditations. Adhering to the highest industry standards, our certifications underscore our dedication to quality, compliance, and unmatched expertise in our field.

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